In the spirit of looking at the bright side:

- I love all the mentions of heroism. Automatically people are labeled "heroes", when all they did was being curious about the strange sounds and got popped off
- I love the high profits the gun industry will make, let's see if they can meet increased demand without hiring those pesky extra workers.
- I love all the handwringing, mostly by Democrats, and especially the calls for even MORE guns, mostly by Repubes/teabaggers.
- I love the expressions of amazement that "how can this happen HERE??" HULLOO!!!NEWSSFLASH! YOU LIVE IN AMERICA!!!  the country that elected Bush TWICE, where 46 percent of the people seriously think that giving money to the UBER-wealthy is a good idea.
- I love all the insinuations about how "We in a small town don't deserve this, because we're too good for this. It's those Big City folks who live in cesspools who this should happen this."
- I love how most Americans don't even realize that 20 kids in Palestine are killed by Israeli soldiers every MONTH, and not only do American not know this, if they do know they don't care or even cheer this .... probably unaware that our taxdollars fund the Israeli army ... and the killing of kids too.
- I am gonna love all the calls to arm the kindergarten teachers! Ooh, I can't wait, Im so giddy.
- I can't wait for all the fake arguments from the NRA about how knives kill too (never in these numbers), about how cars kill too (main function of cars: transportation, ONLY function of guns: KILL)  , about how this happens in other countries too (no it doesn't: in Europe last 110 years 63 people killed. In the USA, last 40 years: 500 people killed)
- Lastly, I love that we can all sleep safely in the immutable certainty that NOTHING WILL BE DONE.
Perhaps some symbolic law at the most.


Do you think meaningful anti-gun action will be taken?

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