In the interest of encouraging as much productive discourse as possible, I want to suggest a 2-part diary series; this one today and a follow-up tomorrow.

Today's post is a formal request for 'brainstorming':people can post their best ideas about about how to strengthen, improve, enhance or otherwise create more effective 'gun regulation' to curtail violent events and make the public space safer.

Tomorrow's post will be my collation of the ideas generated, presented in the form of a poll, to get some basic meta-feedback about what various ideas people share regard what might work.  

To paraphrase weatherdude, please secure all the dickish, prickish, inflammatory commentary and/or defensiveness. There is no need to argue vehemently for or against one thing or another; this a specifically not platform for pro-this or anti-that ranting.

Just for this post and tomorrow's. No HR-fest.


Just ideas.

I will strive to be the model of diplomacy (which could be amusing).

Honestly and truly, what can be done, do you think?

I honestly don't know that much about existing gun laws and regulations so I have very little to contribute to the suggestion box. Closing the gun show loophole is the biggest single thing I can think of. If I had bright ideas I'd share them.

I think the upside of this is that i can approach this with a fairly open mind. (empty is the same as open, right?) I am pretty much all ears and perhaps a few other would be as well.

I would like to ask that suggestions and ideas be framed productively or 'positively', as in "this could be done". Things that could be changed, done differently

Think your idea through to "some" specificity but don't get too bogged down in detail. It's a suggestion, not a dissertation.

If you do happen to have some detailed, wonky thing prepared, bring it, but tomorrow we can flesh out details as results from the poll roll in.

And remember: civil productive discourse only, please.

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