Folks, from what I've seen on DKOS, this tragedy at Sandy Hook has finally, at long last, shook the nation to its core.

I'm angry, frustrated and frankly, frightened for our country's future. There is no place that we feel safe anymore.

I have a five year old daughter and I dropped her off at Kindergarten Friday morning. I hugged her, gave her a kiss and wished her a great day at school. You assume that she is safe at school.

Well, no longer. Does any parent anywhere in this country feel like their child is safe anymore?

I'm trying to think of ways that I can impact the national discourse on getting sensible gun control legislation passed.

I did the obvious and wrote:

My two senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray

My representative Jim McDermott

Majority Leader Reid

Speaker Boehner

Here is what I wrote:

Senator Murray,

I assume that most of your colleagues are parents. I hope that the mass killing of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary is finally the moment in time that the Federal Government chooses to take on the gun lobby and implement sensible gun control legislation.

Please take leadership on this issue and make it a national priority. Its the least we can do to honor the memory of those we lost in such horrific and violent circumstances.

I've signed the petition at Whitehouse.gov demanding the Administration take action.

I've donated to the Coalition To Stop Gun Violence.


I'm motivated to do more as an outraged and frightened citizen. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome.

This is more than a teachable moment people. It's NOW the time to move the needle and make the changes that are needed.

PLEASE - take some time to do something.

Thank you all.

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