Two ways to approach the social dysfunction in the U.S.  One is for each individual citizen to educate herself in trying to understand the nature of our corrupt and exploitative system.

Among many conclusions, if she applies herself to this task (of being a responsible citizen), she may start connecting the dots... She may see the effects of money spent by entrenched and powerful interests to buy off politicians and government officials neighborhood by neighborhood, town by town, city by city, state by state.

She may realize that that influence peddling creates distortions in our entire socioeconomic system, which lead to social dysfunctions, including our sick gun culture, pillaging and looting by the ruling elite (with impunity), war profiteering by the military industrial complex (which includes the revolving door which most top pentagon official and generals go through), defunding of the proper functions of government, destroying the social commons in favor of privatization and exploitation for the benefit of the few, at the expense of the many.

And she may conclude that the entire media landscape in the United States is basically a powerful, mind-numbing propaganda machine that caters to the the corporatist ruling elite through a confluence of shared interests.  Interests that, frankly, are not different from ruling elites of yore and their tyrannical, oppressive, and exploitative tendencies.

Another way is to let herself be jerked around, by a constant pounding on her brain from a disgustingly rabid corporate media, always trying to stir people's emotions with prurient sex scandals, and by exploiting the latest tragedy that comes along.

Think about this: What is the biggest scandal which deserves the most attention by a responsible media?  I'm sure an accurate and sensational media narrative could be developed by reporting on the outright thievery of the national treasure by Wall Street criminal organizations which are still at it.  Or it could be in investigating and reporting in detail relationships between lobbying firms, and corporate interests with our political leaders, including Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Eric Cantor, John Boehner, top military generals.

And it could be on analyzing how those relationships between corporatist interests and Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Speaker Boehner, Harry Reid, and our entire bought off political class, impact issues such as the defunding of our public education system, the establishment of a Orwellian surveillance police state, curtailment of privacy rights, the spread of for-profit prisons, along with the increase of punishable offenses.

All these things have been happening, continue to happen, and are getting more entrenched, which in turn is bringing about a sicker and sicker society, where basic services (such as mental health) are being neglected, where public education is losing ground in favor of corporatist-owned brainwashing centers (charter schools) fomenting the ethos of the moneyed ruling elite.

Folks, much of the liberal and progressive citizenry is being taken for a ride, and you are not going to like the destination.

Most of the so-called "liberal media," including all the shows on MSNBC and liberal radio are, in the final analysis, smokescreens, subterfuges, used by the very same corporate interests that are moving right along to manipulate and enslave (mentally) the population.

Their reporting is formulaic; basically stirring up anger within the liberal and progressive base by constantly reporting on Republicans and right wing lunatics misdeeds.  They also appeal to our sense of intellectual superiority, by showing us how stupid and base members of the right wing are.

But ultimately the main benefit is accrued by the same enemy: the corporatist oligarchy that continues to buy off our entire system of government, while cementing their control on society.

Our society is sick... Facebook, Twitter, iPads, people glued to screens, small and big, while sitting with friends, while eating, while crossing the streets.  The sharing of billions of messages and tweets and facebook postings, much of it narcissistic and meaningless.  Distraction; tons of trash entering our minds in the form of reality TV, gossip, sensational and prurient news coverage (about interviewing a five year old after a mass shooting?).

In a few weeks we'll be talking about the next sex scandal of a national figure, and people will go on about the need to "keep your zipper up" if you hold a position of responsibility, etc.  And more than likely there will be other violent acts (although I wish that never happens again) given the fact that larger and larger segments of our population are increasingly susceptible to mental illness and violent tendencies.  

The predictable knee-jerk reaction to events will endure, keeping people's interests and attention going from one scandal or tragedy to another, all while the overtake of our government and society continues apace, unmolested.

The purpose of this diary?  Well, it's just an observation.  Carry on.

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