Almost everything reported by the media yesterday was wrong.

 After pouncing on the Australian DJ's for their prank that lead to a death, our media was quick to throw out the Facebook page of an innocent man (although the suspects brother), who immediately began to receive death threats, etc.

The media reported that the gunman banged on doors screaming let me in, and minutes later reported that he never spoke a work.

The media reported that the principal buzzed the shooter in after recognizing him. Now it is said he forced entry.

The media reported that the suspects mother was a teacher at the school, and shot at the school. Then she was a teacher at the school but killed at home. Then she was a substitute. Etc.

The media reported two shooters, one in custody after being found at the home of the dead father wearing black and camo.

The media reported handguns were used and the assault rifle was found in the vehicle. Now the medical examiner is saying the rifle was the main kill weapon.

The media reported that the parents where forced to go into the school to identify their children. The medical examiner now says this is false and that photographs where used.

Now (some) of the media is saying that teachers should be armed. What they are failing to comprehend is that the mother WAS armed. And then her crazy son killed her, and used them to kill even more people.

At some point I heard someone even suggest that the children should be trained and armed. Seriously. Then they went on to say that it could be done responsibly and used Carl Grimes from the fictional The Walking Dead as an example.

What a clusterfuck.

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