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Our society loves violence.  There is no doubt.  Whether it is glorifying war, granting Academy Awards to violent films,  or fighting Zombies/Vampires/Aliens/Bad Guys on TV or video games, our culture is wrapped up in our ability to manipulate weaponry better than the next guy.

If we REALLY want to change the culture, we need to talk about more than guns...although firearms are clearly a necessary step.  We need to stop the glorification of violence in our daily lives.

This isn't a recent phenomenon.  I don't remember the year that George Lucas released SWIII: Revenge of the Sith, but Anakin Skywalker's slaughter of the children in Jedi training was sickening.  It hasn't gotten any better since then.

If we want change, then we should be prepared to change everything that promotes such violence.  I'm not sure, when each of us considers the implications, that we are ready to do that as a society, but I believe that half measures will not stem the atrocities that occur tomorrow or the next day.


o  Ban the sale of all semi-automatic pistols and rifles immediately.

o  Ban the manufacture/import of all pistol/rifle magazines as of 12-31-12. Possession of any pistol magazine greater than 20 rounds and any rifle magazine in excess of 30 rounds is a felony.

o  Ban the manufacture/import of all revolver speed reloaders as of 12-31-12.

o  Require a federal background check for the sale, gift or transfer of ANY firearm.

o  Require medical professionals to provide immediate notification to law enforcement of any patient they believe represents a possible threat to themselves or the community.

o  Ban all video games depicting the use of weaponry.

o  Ban the exhibition all films and TV shows, other than documentaries, that depict the use of banned weaponry.

There are a number of significant changes in this proposal, some of which I've thought through and others I'm sure people will bring up.

This doesn't eliminate all semi-automatic pistols and rifles.  Those who presently own them could continue to do so; however, they would not be allowed to sell them to anyone else.  They could leave them by bequest, and subject to a background check, to their heirs.

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