Perhaps someone at the National Rifle Association knows that it shares moral responsibility for the horrific shooting on Friday in Connecticut.  The NRA's new media team appears to have gone into hiding.  

Its Twitter account has been silent since early Friday morning.  This was its last tweet, at 6:30 am that morning:

Additionally, according to Business Insider, the NRA's Facebook page went offline not long after news of the shooting broke.  As of now (9:17 am Eastern on Sunday), it's still down; it redirects to Facebook's homepage.  This just a day after the NRA joyfully marked that 1.7 million people liked it on Facebook.

Looks like the NRA is reeling.  Somehow, I think that what will finish the job is a mass exodus by those NRA members who support common-sense gun regulations.  If they leave to form an organization that was similar to what the NRA was before it lost its way, the NRA's claim to be the voice of all "honest gun owners" will be exposed for the empty talk we know it to be.

6:52 AM PT: Bink mentions one theory about why the NRA has disappeared from Facebook.  In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, several of its fans were openly rejoicing that the shooting would prove that bans on guns in schools don't work.

11:37 AM PT: Leslie Mayes, Washington bureau producer for Time Warner Cable's cable news channels, just got what may be the NRA's first public statement on this--and it proves the NRA doesn't get it:

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