I awoke to an email from a Red state cousin, who entreated his complete email address book to vote in a purported USA Today poll. His headline: Eric Holder Says We Have No Right to Own Guns."  The idea was, for all readers to take time from polishing their many firearms, and vote against Eric Holder and his pinko ideas. Usually, I ignore this stuff. Well, I lost it. So I punched "Reply All" and sent the following. Probably didn't make some recipients feel better, but signed my name, so they'd know who. We'll see what develops.

"I think that we have no right to possess certain guns. Automatic and semiautomatic rifles and pistols, for instance. They are not needed to bring down hunting game. I also think that it is time the US looks into some kind of periodic review, testing, and periodic, renewable licensing, of firearms. How is it that Canada, with more of a hunting tradition than the US, and Australia, England, Germany, the list goes on, do not have our fine tradition of allowing whackos to buy all the guns and ammo they want? Incidentally, these countries don't seem to have as many whackos that shoot up kids and strangers. I never read of, nor hear of from friends who are citizens of these countries, that they wish to rise up in revolt because they can't buy all the guns they want.  Actually, they think our laws are pretty crazy, and the folks abroad who wrote me today are certain of it. Aren't you?

 Right now, in England, they are worried about their whackos who seem to be pulling out their knives and assaulting people. I wish we had such problems. It is hard to cause a large massacre with one knife and one whacko. Here, we make it convenient for the whacko to efficiently kill a large number of people with guns. Until we get a handle on the politicians and gun companies that seem to control our laws, watch out kids.....you are collateral damage. You don't count, you can be sacrificed in the name of gun owner rights.
And in case you are wondering, yes I have had numerous hunting licenses. Yes, I have served in combat and carried a gun, and participated in eliminating large numbers of humans. And yes, I own firearms, and am quite willing to cooperate with any reasonable program that would make the killings we read about lately less likely to happen. We don't have such a program. I'm waiting to hear what Eric Holder has to say. That old crap about "Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns" needs to be rethought. Hello: Outlaws already have guns. They use them to shoot one another. And they are not the ones grabbing Mom's semiautomatic rifle with the large magazines, and shooting kids in school. It is a supply and demand problem."

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