I am like most, still numb with grief and disgust at Friday's school shooting.  Right now my I most often hear my teenage daughter's first comments when I voiced my confusion. She pointed out that Newtowne Conn is just like our community in Northwestern Massachusetts, exurban, privileged, and predominantly white.  She pointed out that no one wants to look  too closely why young men of these communities feel so much despair, rage, or alienation that they choose to murder young children and teachers.  They have access to weapons and ammunition, usually purchased legally, and our schools are usually fairly open and easy to enter.  This is a phenomena that must be studied and understood no matter how uncomfortable it makes white, privileged people feel.  Right now I don't give a crap about how my neighbors feel, we have a problem and we need to understand it before the next crisis hits us.  But likely we will discover something we would rather not accept or think about.


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