On Sunday, 12/9/12, sixty Occupy Oaklanders gathered in downtown Oakland to create a video sending a message of thanks to Occupy Sandy for all that they are doing.

These participants of the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland also approved, by the unanimous consent of those present, the following statement of solidarity with Occupy Sandy. Not an official resolution of the General Assembly because a quorum was not reached, it, and the above video, represent the thoughts and emotions of those present.

The participants of the General Assembly of Occupy Oakland extend our appreciation to the volunteers of Occupy Sandy, Occupy Wall Street, Interoccupy.net, 350.org, recovers.org and individual volunteers.

You have provided countless hours of support including the essential tasks of feeding and cleaning communities affected by the giant storm. You have demonstrated the power of the people caring for both neighbors and strangers. You have shown what organization and compassion can accomplish together. You have given us a vision of a cooperativee society.

We have been watching your efforts from the West Coast and extend our congratulations and appreciation for all your work.

The environmental devastation caused by capitalism's ruthless pursuit of profit will continue to intensify extreme weather events. The responses of government and nonprofit agencies will continue to be inadequate to relieve the suffering caused by climate change, and they will even interfere and sabotage our efforts to help each other in this crisis, as they have already with evictions on Staten Island.

Or, as one enthusiast in the video put it,

Occupy Sandy rocks!

7:59 AM PT: Occupy Sandy web page: Volunteer, donate, get info.

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