Pro-gun advocates argue that gun owners are protected from being killed by keeping a gun in their home.  QUITE TO THE CONTRARY, Mrs. Lanza's Sig Sauer, Glock, semi-automatic Bushmaster .223 assault rifle and shotgun unfortunately were the instruments of her death.

Guns in the home cause many intentional shooting deaths, most frequently by people known to or related to the shooting victim (in addition to accidental shooting deaths). Guns in the home do not prevent deaths nor protect the people living in the home.

I personally went through a phase in my teenage years where I was fascinated by guns and rifles.  Later as a young adult I legally purchased several rifles, enjoyed having and cleaning them, went target shooting frequently and even tried out for my college's rifle team.  Looking back I see myself as truly fascinated by them....something about the feeling of power they instill and the romance of "weapons" created by Hollywood. At some point though I saw how having guns in the home set the stage for fateful and catastrophic emotional actions.  

Guns are for killing.  Homes are for protection from the elements, for sharing love, for teaching our children, for mutual support, for rest and  for happiness. The two are mutually exclusive.

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