Venting rage at the general culture of gun extremism feels righteous, but ultimately there is no one on the other end of such a broad discussion who can be held accountable: The psychotic NRA/militia fringe who goes around spewing conspiracy theories and taking quasi-sexual pleasure in their arsenals are not listening, have nothing to offer any conversation, and are not actually the most pertinent factor in enabling mass-killings and extreme per capita rates of murder in this country.  They are the lowest, least significant manifestation of the problem, and even the NRA lobby is largely just a tool of people far fewer in number and a lot more important to shine a spotlight on: The people who own and operate gun corporations - the executives, boards, capital firms, and other entities largely responsible for the political power of the NRA and the legal obscenity of today's proliferation of mass-murder weapons.

It must be remembered that these weapons are not limited to the United States, but flood the whole world, and inflict a scale of death and destruction far beyond our borders.  Drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia; violent street gangs throughout the Americas from the US to Chile; mafia families and organized crime syndicates; murderous militias standing for anything or nothing in Africa and Asia; they are all fueled by interests that are completely immune to the consequences of their business, even in terms of social judgment.  They are treated as legitimate businesses, their leaders treated as respectable members of society, and yet what they do is promote Hell on Earth even in communities just a short drive from their immaculate estates.  Contrast how they are treated with how the drug kingpins they deliberately arm are viewed, and you start to understand the insanity of this situation.

Instead of holding these people accountable, we are bombarded with propaganda and told to swallow the deaths of our own children and families; to just tolerate unimaginable horror, because there is simply too much money involved for the handful of people who profit from it to allow us to expect safe communities and sensible laws.  Or even worse than that, we are told to respond to the horror by increasing the proliferation of the machinery of death that makes it so easy for criminal monsters and delusional madmen to turn our communities into war zones.  We are told to spend our blood for an Orwellian perversion of "freedom" when actual freedom has disappeared in fear and chaos, with the wealthy arms manufacturers and rural extremists disappearing with blood-stained smirks on their faces behind their gated mansion walls or wilderness compounds while America bleeds.

So let's start where the buck really stops - the people who are profiting from this nightmare and using their wealth and power to promote it - and start asking some questions about them, demanding answers from them, and letting people all over America know who is responsible at the highest level for making certain neighborhoods all over the country into WW1 no-man's-lands; who is responsible for handing tyrants and madmen the tools of total war in our own country.  Let's start with Smith and Wesson, as helpfully listed on its corporate governance page:


Barry M. Monheit
Robert L. Scott
Michael F. Golden
P. James Debney
Robert H. Brust
John B. Furman
Mitchell A. Saltz
I. Marie  Wadecki


P. James Debney
President and Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey D. Buchanan
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer

Michael J. Brown
Vice President, U.S. Sales

Robert J. Cicero
Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, and Secretary

Mario Pasantes
Senior Vice President, Marketing and International Sales

Mark P. Smith
VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

The info of Glock's US HQ is below, but the official website doesn't give any details about its governance either in the US or globally:

6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, GA 30082
Tel.: +1 770 - 432 1202
Fax: +1 770 - 433 8719

Wikipedia has a handy list of all the major global weapons manufacturers for more thorough research, although it includes purely military contractors who make larger weapons rather than firearms:

List of Modern Armament Manufacturers

There is also a list of handgun manufacturers with contact info for each:

List of Handgun Manufacturers

I don't know which weapons are most prolific in murder in the United States, and haven't found that information on cursory inspection, but I'm sure the information exists.  But really it doesn't matter: Whether they occupy a niche or are straight-up putting death machines into the hands of gangsters and lunatics, all of these bastards to some extent have deliberately gone out of their way to corrupt our governments on both the state and federal level, taking away the freedom of the American people to decide how they want to guarantee the security of their communities.  

In essence, they take away our freedom with one hand by arming the worst people to the teeth, guaranteeing that even if we armed ourselves the best we could hope for in a bad situation is total chaos, and with the other hand they take away our freedom by buying legislation and shouting down anyone who dares to speak with a torrent of psychotic, borderline terrorist NRA propaganda where leaders are threatened with assassination and the public with ethnic cleansing if they dare to regulate firearms.

Enough of this shit!  Time to cast the spotlight where it belongs, find out and routinely publicize who is running and owning these companies, and make sure every single time another person is murdered with their products - products they have specifically designed to do that - their names are up in lights beside the names and pictures of the innocent victims.  Same with the higher-ups at the NRA: Show them spewing their pompous, paranoid rhetoric about their "cold, dead hands" beside the reality of the cold, dead hands of children killed by their violent selfishness and corrupt, unpatriotic lies about American constitutionalism and history.  They want their money and they want their power, and you, your family, your liberty, and your country mean less than nothing to them.  Time to stop pretending these people are contributing members of society, and start recognizing them for the legalized gangsters and tyrants they are.

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