Proving that these people truly have no sense of decency whatsoever - and probably no impulse control or the most basic capacity for moral reflection - it seems comments to gun control discussions all over the internet have been flooded with paranoid, psychotic, "just-you-wait-you'll-pay" terrorist threats from gun nuts faster than moderators can remove them.  These comments are being generated by the kind of crazed, delusional human time-bombs who have been armed to the teeth and propagandized by the NRA and Republican Party over decades: Walking inferiority complexes who hate women, hate minorities, hate democracy, hate everyone who isn't staring back at them in a mirror, and need to not only possess but worship and adore instruments of mass murder to feel even the tiniest bit of security and validity.  

I'm tired of these perverts.  Tired of their homicidal narcissism and bully whining about how oppressed they are from behind their arsenals while threatening to assassinate our elected leaders, overthrow the entire Constitution other than their edited version of the 2nd amendment with the words "well-regulated" removed, and shrugging off a steady stream of mass-murders following directly from the circumstances they promote because it's no one they care about.  Tired of their lies and insane conspiracy theories.  Tired of their constant, teeth-gnashing, face-chewing terrorist threats of violent insurrection and ethnic cleansing if we ever dare to hold them accountable for anything - if we ever dare, in our "big gubmint" arrogance to inconvenience them in any way for the sake of our children's right to draw breath on this Earth.

And what really makes the whole thing intolerable is that these are the people who the NRA listens to, and the NRA is who politicians listen to, so in essence the entire nation is dictated to by people who are basically the heirs to the Ku Klux Klan.  That I will not tolerate quietly.  That I will not stand for.  I will never, ever be afraid of these terrorist bastards or try to appease them, nor will I tolerate any political leader who shows by any word or deed that they are doing so.  Every single discussion where one of these pieces of shit shows up is immediately verbally firebombed with exhortations to murder, mayhem, and violently impose their own opinions on a public that doesn't support them.  Well, whatever portion of this country belongs to me does not negotiate with terrorists, nor does it appease them, nor does it accept them as part of the discussion, because threats are not a conversation.  

These people in one form or another have been trying to tear apart this country and turn it into something evil ever since its founding, be it through secession in defense of slavery or hooded cowards hanging people from trees, and it's about time they were categorically ejected from mainstream political discussion altogether if they simply cannot live with the rules of being human and responsible.  One way or another, we are moving forward with gun control legislation needed to ensure that Americans have the right to be free of fear from the tyranny of warfare in their communities.  

If these raving psychotics want to make it all the more clear why such changes are necessary by acting out their murderous fantasies, they can go right ahead and accept the consequences.  Or they can reconcile themselves to the idea that America will legally compel some level of responsibility on their part - the whole "well-regulated militia" thing that the real, non-NRA version of the 2nd Amendment mandates.  I don't care how small your dick and/or brain is, Buford - your inferiority complex is not a right superior to the life expectancy and basic liberty of others.  So either pack up your arsenal and drag your handlebar-mustached redneck ass to Somalia where someone like you will get exactly the kind of liberty you demand, or else get with the program and start accepting your responsibilities as Americans.  We will not accept more massacres in order to coddle your selfish psychosis, and we will not be deterred from defending our families and communities by your terrorist threats.

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