This is a picture of President Obama with some children from Sandy Hook and it tells everything you need to know about what kind of a person he is.  

What more is there to say?  Send this to people who doubt whether President Obama is a good person.  There is no arguing with evidence this clear.  If they still can't see it then they are simply too blinded by their hate/fear/whatever to see a plain truth.


This morning, after a sleepless night, I was driving to get breakfast and on the radio I heard one of the teachers talking about how she heard the gun shots and was certain that she and all of the children were going to die and even though she wasn't sure if it was appropriate for her as a teacher to do this... she turned to the children and she told them how much she loved them, because she didn't want them to die without hearing those words... without knowing that they were loved.  There is evil in this world and it can be soul crushing sometimes, but there is also love.  Love like a teacher turning to children in her care and telling them all that they will not die alone and forgotten and unloved.  

When I look at the picture of the President above... that's what I see.  A President... who maybe it's inappropriate for him to take up children in his arms and on his knees, but these children have just lost their brothers and sisters to evil and they need to shown that they are not alone or forgotten... rather they are loved by an entire nation on whose behalf the President is embracing them.  It makes me feel hope and faith in humanity.  That's why I shared this picture.  It's not about the President.  It's about us and our need to see love in moments of darkness.  

2:34 PM PT: I removed my response to the people accusing Obama of being a child murderer.  We need love and hope and comfort right now... not fighting.  

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