Remember how, when you were in school studying Latin, you translated Roman accounts of the barbarity of the Druids and their habit of sacrificing humans?  Remember how the Romans (of all people) sneered at the Druids for burning people alive in wicker cages to appease their gods?

Remember how, when you studied Latin-American history, your teacher spoke disparagingly of the Aztecs and their bloodthirsty gods?  Gods who demanded the “gift” of still-beating hearts ripped from drugged human bodies?

Remember how you almost threw up in ancient history class when you read how the ancient Phoenicians sacrificed little children, including babies, to Baal-Moloch?

Cast those sneers aside, folks!  Two thousand years later there’s still a bloodthirsty god who demands constant human sacrifice and appeasement.  It’s called the National Rifle Association.

Our leaders bow down before it.  We, the people, are too frightened of it to protest its excesses.  It demands EVER MORE human sacrifice to feed its untrammeled lust for human blood and flesh—men, women, and now, children.

We are no better than the ancients we despise for their bloodthirsty religions.

There will be ever-increasing amounts of blood offerings unless we rise up as a people and demand an end to it NOW.

Let’s picket the NRA.  Let’s put up Facebook pages shaming their officers and their philosophy. Let’s bombard Congress with petitions and telephone calls to BAN assault weapons.  Who needs assault weapons to defend themselves?  Defend from what? The deer? The rabbits? Bears?  You don’t need military assault weapons to hunt.

Years ago a man named Harry Golden wrote a book titled Only in America.  In it he extolled the virtues of the country he loved and how the kind of life he was enjoying could be found only in America.

I’m here to tell you that only in America do we extol and defend the right to sacrifice human beings in homage to the National Rifle Association.  Not all of us, of course—some of us still have a few shreds of sanity left.  Let’s weave those shreds into an effort—I won’t use the word “campaign” because of its militaristic associations—to ban assault weapons and start asserting OUR rights to a society free from fear.


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