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When I Dream, I Dream Big. Last Night was a Doozy of a Dream.

It was time to partake of bread. All one hundred of the people came to take nourishment from their day of labor.

On the table sat one hundred loaves of fresh bread. Hot from the oven and crusts golden brown.

Children in the line danced happily in place by thier parents. All of the people had smiles as the two men who owned the bakery, controlled the materials that went into making the bread and determined who got how much, stood at the table in preparation to handing out the bread.

But first came the speeches from the men regarding how important everyones labor was that went into providing the day's feast.

"If it was not for our experience and expertise, there would be no bread." Commented the first man. "Because my friend and I built the bakery, bought all of the materials and paid for the energy it took to bake the bread, it is therefore right and honorable that both of us take all but four loaves for ourselves." Said the second man.

"But, wait," said one of the ninety-eight standing in line, "we all worked the fields, processed the materials and baked the bread."

"Doesn't make any difference," replied the first man. "It was our wealth that provided the bread and we deserve to make a good profit. One loave each will be given to the two in line that provided the supervision for the making of the bread."

And so it was that the remaining two loaves of bread was sliced, then quartered. Then each quarter was quartered again until there was a piece of bread for each adult standing in line.

"What of the children?" Several adults in line queried.

The bakery owners said together, "They are small. There are enough crumbs from cutting the bread for the children to eat. Besides, what did they do to ensure the feast?"

Moral of the Story?

Profit by neglect and greed is a fool's errand.

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