SC Gov. Nikki Haley has passed over the obvious choice (Stephen Colbert) and appointed Rep. Tim Scott to fill the term of Jim DeMint.  Tim thus becomes the latest example of Republican outreach to the African-American community. H/t (Steve Benen)

Unfortunately, the Republicans "reach out" only to African-Americans who share their far right, crazy ideas:

In 2011, [Scott] voted to extend billions of dollars in subsidies to big oil companies, arguing that taxpayer-funded money going to companies that reap billions in profits was “fair.” And during the last fight over the debt ceiling, Scott floated the possibility of introducing articles of impeachment against President Obama. While a State Representative, Scott helped to defund South Carolina’s entire HIV/AIDS programs, including the elimination of the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program.
Scott also favors cutting off children of union members from food stamps and unlimited funding for posting the 10 Commandments

Not exactly Edward Brooke.

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