As we have learned from Obama’s hard-line approach on the fiscal curb negotiations, it can be very helpful and rewarding to take a stand at the left edge when you know you have the upper hand in negotiations. Can we take that lesson into the fight we’re going to have about gun control?

I am seeing everywhere that people are hoping for some kind of “reasonable” new regulation on gun and ammunition sales. That’s fine – but that is not a good starting point for our side. When we see that blue dogs and NRA supporters are coming into line with our way of thinking, we need to realize that we are too far to the right. Let someone else find the middle ground – this is a war and we need to stake our claim to the outer left in this debate because right now we have the upper hand. Seize the day.

Starting point: Ban all lethal weapons.

In this day and age, lethal weapons are not necessary. No one needs them. Not the police. Not the military. And not citizens. We have stun guns and we can develop alternative types of non-lethal or even less-lethal weapons (or arms) to defend ourselves.

I actually believe that the 2nd amendment is intended to put the citizens on the same footing as the government. Well that is not possible in today’s military world, so the solution is to disarm the government and the citizenry. Visualize that day and work toward it.

Secondary line: Ban the proliferation of lethal weapons. Start by not selling any more.

Last point: I know many people will consider hunters in this debate. Why? If you want to see yourself as some sort of courageous DIY outdoorsy Swiss Family Robinson cavalier, make your own fucking bow and arrow! I’m not impressed by your ability to kill Bambie with a rifle. It’s not necessary and it’s just not worth everything else that comes with it.  

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