Thanks in part to DK and other, true grassroots support, a bit of good news amid the very bad.

I went to contact my Congressman elect, Dr. Ami Bera, CA-7 (love being able to write that and write off Dan Lungren) to voice my opinion on weapons regulation and found something so heartening I have to share.

... Congressman-elect Ami Bera announced today the hiring of his two top aides. Mini Timmaraju, who most recently served as Director of the Office of the President at Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and a former District Director for a Member of Congress, will be his Chief of Staff. Faith Whitmore, who has served Sacramento County as a Pastor and community leader for the past 28 years, will be his District Director.
Release 12/12/12

Two powerful, accomplished, compassionate, progressive women in the top two staff slots. Bear with me, I'm going to try to provide links to biographical info but I'm e-challenged:

Mini Timmaraju, Chief of Staff

Faith Whitmore, District Director

Sorry if this is a bit too parochial to rate a diary.You have to understand, the last 15 years, between moves in the area, I've been represented (not!) by Dan Lungren, Tom McClintock and John Doolittle. I'm so happy now I'll be having a Representative I can be proud of.

Ami Bera's lead election night was only 184 votes and required a recount that put  Bera over the top by 9000 votes in the final tally.
This community supported Bera through two cycles. It was GOTV and the mail in and provisional ballots that put him over the top this time. And that's what you all do here.

Take heart, Texas and Arizona, things change.

Good Job!


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