Rachel Maddow was asked about what he learned at a national summit to help prevent mass shootings and help deal with them once they occur.

Chief Edwards was one of the responders to the shooting that occurred in Oak Creek Wisconsin 4 months ago.

His response really chilled me.  He said that his summit taught him that the different disciplines like law enforcement, mental health organizations and education institutions need to share data on individuals in order to recognize people posing potential risks.  That in itself isn't what disturbed me.

What was disturbing is that he suggested that the an individual's right to privacy may need to be forfeited.

He even suggested that some laws regarding privacy may need to be changed.

He didn't suggest that gun rights need to be changed.

So tell me, what's more important, the right to have a gun or the right to your privacy.  

I know it's not that simplistic, but I felt a chill when a chief of police suggested a change in privacy laws rather than a change in gun control law.


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