This is who I am:

So, how did this come to be?

A COMPLETE explanation after the the orange thingy.

A few months ago, while reading the National Geographic magazine, I saw an advertisement for a DNA 'test' that would allow me to know who my ancestors were.  It was for the National Geographic Genographic Project.  For $200, I could have my DNA examined and a complete lineage compiled for my mother's and father's side.  My wife wanted to do it too (although, as a woman, she can have only her mother's side examined).  At $200 apiece for the two kits, it is not cheap, but we thought it would be interesting to know, and to give our daughter an interesting Christmas gift.  

Anyway, here is MY story:

Mother's side:
My story begins in East Africa, about 70,000 years ago, with the 'L3' haplotype, a group of people who descended from mitochondrial Eve (who was alive 180,000 years ago).   The L3 group left Aftrica and went north and gave rise to two other groups that went on to populate the rest of the world.  

My next haplotype of importance is 'N', which arose around 60,000 years ago in East Africa or Asia.  My ancestor must have gone towards Asia, since I also have haplotype 'R' that originated in West Asia about 55,000 years ago.  'R's migrated to a lot of places, because 'R's are found almost everywhere.  My ancestor moved just a bit up north to West Asia, perhaps Turkey, since I also have 'J', which originated 35,000 years ago around there.  

Then around 11,000 years ago, my 'J1B' ancestor was born, and moved north into Central Asia or Europe.  Then, my 'J1B1A' ancestor was born, and her linage migrated across Europe and includes Ashkenazi Jews.  My ancestor, though, ultimately settled into northern Europe (Holland), when they ultimately migrated here to America around 300 years ago.  

Father's side:
My father's ancestor includes 'M42', who was born about 75,000 years ago in Africa.  Then, around 70,000 years ago, my 'M168' ancestor was born in Northern Africa, perhaps in the rift valley, and this guy produced the only lineage to survive outside of Africa.  Unless you were born in Africa, I am related to you.  

Then, my ancestor must have travelled to South or West Asia, since my 'M89' haplotype originated there around 50,000 years ago.  Some of my ancestors moved into the Middle East, and some moved into Inda.  I am related to 1 to 2% of Pakistani's and Indians, 5% of people living in Borneo, and about 9% of Sri Lankan's.  

Then, about 20,000 thousand years ago, someone in my family spread out into Europe, where they lived in Germany until emigrating to America about 200 years ago.  

But that is not all!  
Somewhere along the line, my ancestors intermingled with the hominid groups the Denisovans (since I am about .4% Denisovan) and Neanderthals (since I am about 2% Neanderthal).  

So, that is who I am.  If you want to find out who you are, go here:


The information I was given is a bit more complex than I provided above (well, I didn't want to copy much of anything directly...), and all of the information is fascinating.

A few final thoughts:
- Ultimately, I am related to EVERYONE ALIVE.
- I am even more recently related to anyone not born in Africa, including people as far ranging as Pakistani's and Ashkenazi Jews.  
- I guess the world is not just 6000 years old, since they can trace the DNA back 75,000 years.  This research really clearly demonstrates how old humans really are and where we all come from.

So, since we are related, can I come over for dinner sometime???

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