It's a recent joke from David Feldman. He does what might be called observational humor and after the mass shooting in Colorado, he jokingly said something like "the reason we don't have universal healthcare in this country is because we couldn't afford to treat all the gunshot wounds." It was just a joke.

Now he's published a podcast after the current Connecticut mass shooting called Terror Porn. It is not a comedy, although David does slip a mild zinger in here and there as comedians will. No, this is actually an observation of  the mix of gun control laws, politics, the media, and the NRA as it has now morphed. And how perhaps we all bear some blame.

Very brief overview of the 44-minute free podcast:

It's a mental health problem
Yes, because anyone who supports the NRA is mentally ill. That is a joke zinger.
It's to lead into a discussion of the NRA and the news media.

Such as how can the media call these shootings "senseless violence," when it makes perfect sense if you analyze it from another viewpoint: When you have 45 million Americans needing mental health care and a healthcare system that won't treat it, or a country that won't provide a universal healthcare system to the people who need it the most. And then into that mix you add 300 million guns. What should be expected? Senseless violence?

Arming the citizenry would prevent these shootings. Because we all could fire back.
Since Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, over 1 million Americans have been killed by gunshots. Bobby's killer shot him from the front, but there was also an entry would from the back clipping his ear. This has been speculated to be from a security guard, not intending to shoot Bobby at all, but trying to hit his killer and accidentally hitting him while trying to protect him.

Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America said that we need to get rid of gun bans in schools. This would mean the teachers could be armed and shoot back. David observes that governor of Michigan has a bill on his desk now that would allow concealed guns in schools (now vetoed). After the current shooting, Jase Bolger, the GOP speaker of the Michigan house of representatives said had guns been allowed in schools in Connecticut, those kids would still be alive today. Really?

Well, David goes into quite a bit more. But I'll end on this: He makes the great point that these folks who want to allow teachers in public school to carry and use guns are the same people who are against teachers unions, who think public school teachers are overpaid, and who think that these teachers don't teach well enough. But yes, they do trust them with a gun. And think they will outshoot a crazed killer!

If you have not heard the show, here is the link again. David does spark some conversations to be had about guns and gun control in America. So let's keep the conversation going.

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