who have spent the last five days immersed in diaries about gun violence. The rescue ranger on duty, looking for quality diaries meeting particular readership criteria, reads EVERY diary that comes out. Every diary on the recent list.

This, from the Community Spotlight profile page, is the mission of the rangers:

Imagine, for a moment, reading every diary over the last five days. Now take a look at the top ten "Hot Tags" from a few moments ago:

In order to find the diaries that are highlighted for our viewing, they read all those that come in, on gun violence, on the economy, the community diaries. Everything. They read every diary, so we don't have to.

Thank you to the whole group of rescue rangers. They rotate duty, so every one of them faces the possibility of one topic overwhelming all conversation on Daily Kos. In this case, the conversation often is intense, emotional, sometimes combative, full of grief and fear. They read these for hours during their shift.

Please take a moment of your time to acknowledge their work and thank them. I hope this list includes everyone -- it is from their profile page.

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