OK, I know loads of folks here are not celebrating Xmas, but why not just do something?

For those who have not seen the story about the lunch lady who got fired for feeding a kid who could not pay for lunch click this link, and here is the update.

Send $5 for a fund to get the lady a car.  I am far from St. Louis, but if need be I will go there to help find a car for her (I have worked in the auto industry most of my life, I will do ok) if we can come up with 1000 people giving us $5 each.

I surely want to avoid any accusations of malfeasance, so advice on how to set up a fund would be appreciated; I also think that I can find a local dealer who will likely sell us a decent car for a good price to get some free publicity.  If I get a response here I will get on that right away.

Five bucks!  

The woman has faced some tough times and our community has come through for other folks.  

For the record I do not know the cafeteria lady, or for that matter anyone involved nor do I have any business or other interests here other then to help out someone who has fallen on hard times.

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