We need to outlaw high-capacity ammunition clips across the board.  High-capacity meaning, "any ammunition carrier holding more than one round".   Nobody needs that kind of firepower unless they're in the military or the police .  If they're illegal, these "massacre clips" won't show up in the pockets of psycho killers in schools.

NRA boys can go back to single-round breech-loading by hand.  One slow round at a time.  No problem for all those self-professed "target shooters" if they're serious.  And in the end, it's OK if every target shooter in America loses interest in their hobby.  No loss at all.  It's not OK if one kid dies from an assault rifle with a massacre clip in it.

They've been talking about outlawing 30-round, maybe 15-round clips.  But that's not even close.  We need to take down every multi-round clip on the market.  What--we're supposed to settle for 10-kid clips?  5-kid clips?  Really?

We don't need to "compromise" with the NRA gun-boys.  At this point, they're obsolete and irrelevant.

They're not part of the conversation.

Congress, and America, need to ignore them with the contempt they deserve, and categorically outlaw multiround clips across the board.

After that, we can talk about outright repeal of the Second Amendment.  Because that's where we need to go to get real control of this nightmare.

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