From the "You've got to be kidding" file:

Though some GOP pols and ponderers seem unable to acknowledge the thumping their party received last month, blustering like Monty Python's limbless Black Knight, "'Tis but a scratch," a great number seem to have finally digested the bitter truth that their messages and policies suck dirt. They've learned a lesson.

A freaking hilarious lesson.

In seeking their new way through the political landscape, some 'Pubs are turning to a most improbable pathfinder: George Bush.

Yes, that one.

This too-crazy-to-make-up news comes courtesy of Beth Reinhard at the National Journal, who's penned a piece called "Out of Office, Republicans Turn to Bush for Inspiration". In it, she quotes such party luminaries as Jonah Goldberg and Alex Castellanos praising the wisdom of the 43rd president on issues like immigration and Medicare.

The suggestion that all the country needs is another president with the famous surname is not left for the reader to fill in. The worthies quoted are quite clear in their intention to polish the sullied brand in time to cheer the election of "the smart one," formerly governor of the Sunshine State.

I wish them all the best in their rehabbing endeavors. Should make for interesting viewing.

I mean, imagine gathering the denizens of Europe in the midst of the carnage and division of the Thirty Years War and pitching them on the idea that what's really missing from their lives is the good old Black Plague.

Yeah, that's the ticket!

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