I know the two photos are not from the NRA...they are from the Illinois State Rifle Association.

But the NRA has also published similar materials in its monthly publication: The Rifleman.

It is this "fear-mongering" that needs to be called out.

There are people who actually believe this stuff and take it to heart.

There are people who believe that the NRA would not lie because it is a "National Organization".

It is time for the NRA and its affiliates are held accountable.

Join me after the squiggle to view the photos.

I probably should have attached them as documents...but my skills are still not so hot.

In order to become a member and use the State's Rifle Range, one must belong to the NRA and the ISRA and possess an FOID card. An added benefit is all the material they send you requesting money to defeat the anti-gun coalition in the US.

I saved this one because it was particularly loathsome.

I wonder what Wayne LaPierre will actually obfuscate about tomorrow...it should be interesting. I am sure he will mention nothing about the anti-Obama ads in "The Rifleman". Nor will he address any of the requests for donations from the "true" patriots out there who will "do anything" to "save" the nation.

It should be a total waste.


Sorry for the orientation...this is the front.

And this is the reverse:


As you can read, the UN is currently rewriting our Constitution and the Second Amendment with the aid of the Russians, the Chinese and the British and the French!!!!!!

I guess the battle has begun, I just wonder which really was behind the current news cycle.

There is no reason for anyone to have a greater than ten-shot pistol or rifle clip or magazine. And banning them or assault rifles or guns will not affect me or bother me in the least. Wayne LaPierre will assiduously avoid any mention of banning them.

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