Aren't you tired of the whole conversation about our economic future being highjacked by the same, out-of-touch people who apparently have no idea what is happening in our schools and neighborhoods?

They yammer endlessly about the deficit. I know we need to address that at some point. But for God's sake, right now: FOLKS NEED JOBS. (Better yet: CAREERS!) And good schools. Peaceful streets. Clean air and water. Dignity. Opportunity. Respect. All of that. And more.

We ended up with a deficit because of the Bush wars, the Bush tax cuts, and the Bush bailouts. Now, if reports are to be believed, President Obama and Speaker Boehner are nearing agreement on a deal to pay down that same deficit by slashing Social Security, cutting veterans benefits, and raising taxes on the poor and middle class.

Today, my organization Rebuild the Dream is partnering with CultureStrike, 5D Stories, and dozens of artists for ARTSTRIKE, a day of action to get exactly that message out there. You can help by sharing some of the pieces below.

These artists come from all different cultures and backgrounds, from coast to coast. And they're all standing up and saying "stop the madness."

Progressives act as if one more pile of fact sheets and reports will finally tip opinions to our side. They won't. Art like this will. It will get people's attention, get them thinking, and get them engaged. As important as tactics like phone calls or staging rallies or signing petitions are, art like this will shift our culture faster than we think.

BUT that only happens if we put it in front of people. So I'm posting some of my favorite pieces below, and I'm hoping you'll help me share them far and wide:

"This Time" by Mike Molina

Don't Punish Our Future. Make The Rich Pay., by Ernesto Yerena

Keep Calm & Tax the Rich, by Gan Golan

¬°Ya Basta!, by Julio Salgado

Make Deadbeat Corporations Pay. Stop Robbing Our Communities. by Melanie Cervantes

fight for every job. resist every cut., by Aryer

Save Social Security by Xavier Viramontes

The Fiscal Cliff is Fiction, by Querido Galdo

If someone needs to step up to pay for rebuilding our communities -- or to pay down the deficit -- it should be the people who benefited the most from all the tax breaks, bailouts and bonuses over the past decade. The wealthiest Americans, the ones who have done well IN America, should now do well BY America -- and pay the country back. Those revenues can be used to fund a better future.

That's what ARTSTRIKE is all about. Exposing this "fiscal cliff" as a fake crisis -- a fiscal "bluff" -- designed to get Americans to fold and accept cuts to Medicare, Social Security, and more.

You can check out even more great works of art at rebuildthedream.com/artstrike. Whichever piece really moves you, I hope you'll share it today as part of this ARTSTRIKE day of action.

Originally posted to Van Jones on Wed Dec 19, 2012 at 10:44 AM PST.

Also republished by Dream Menders.

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