I've coached youth basketball for many years. So sometimes I find myself screaming at the television, "You idiot, my 11 year olds have more dignity and self respect than you do!" They are certainly more disciplined and productive. Think about that for a moment. It's true.

Imagine a basketball team trying to overcome the challenges that our government faces today. Imagine an assistant coach purposely holding up practice until he gets concessions from the head coach.

Imagine a third of your parents screaming, "let it (the team) fail, let it fail, let it fail," at the next team meeting because the coach simply asked them to pay for uniforms and gym rentals. The same uniforms that their kids are already using.

Imagine a couple of those same parents insisting on bringing guns to practice and games. Even as the coach explains to them that there has never been a need for guns. Evidence isn't important in their word.

Imagine dealing with parents who deny math and demand that their child deserves more playing time. These parents don't trust the scorekeepers, the referees, or the official statistics.  

Imagine a group of your parents who insist on spending precious practice time time praying for improvement rather than time proven repetition, drills, and skills development.

Imagine if blatant lying was acceptable. And a player could accuse the coach of the most vile behavior imaginable. Even killing babies.

Needless to say, this team is doomed. It sounds crazy but that's what we're facing today. Our government is being torn apart by bad parents. Bad people. The team is THE LAST thing on their minds.

I've coached dozens of teams over the years. All of them with more dignity, teamwork, sweat, and self respect than the idiots in Washington.

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