For those of you who are either xenophobic or monolingual or both, secretly or publicly, them thar words up above in that dark black ank mean At the End of the End in what passes for Spanish, even in Spain and Colombia, where they claim they speak and write upper crust pure Castillian -- at least in parts.

This is a tiny little (insert the name of your favorite US comic religion here  -- I'm already a narsty hateful so-and-so for suggesting that gun thugs and gun sales bullies do themselves in rather than doing others in or driving others to it and telling priggies to get over it, so I'm not gonna play that one), two steeple town, but the merchants here are all having end of the world sales and some of them are ***serious about it.  They really don't think anyone is waking up on 12/22.  No poopy.

Timing is everything they say.. More below the fold.

Your timing sucks if your first lottery winnings check is due on December 23.

Your timing sucks if your combination face lift and tummy tuck is scheduled for December 22.

Your timing sucks if all that juju you paid that Obeah woman to work on your ex is due to happen on Christmas day

Your timing sucks if your prize bitch is due to whelp between Christmas and New Year's.

Your timing sucks if the stitches come out on 12/22.

Your timing sucks if the catheter comes out on 12/23.

Your timing sucks if your last house payment is gonna clear the bank on 12/21 and you're due the title the next day.

I don't think I'm gonna get through all those gallons of moose snot fudge ripple ice cream I have in the freezer by 12/22.  I wonder if the idiots next door would like to have a sundae party?

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