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It seems this Rep. Boehner "plan B" is unpopular with everyone.

On Redstate our favorite blogger Erick Erickson opines that he thinks there are enough hardcore no-tax conservatives to shoot down the bill in the house itself.

Here is his list.

No / Lean No: Garrett, Amash, Jordan, Scalise, Gohmert, Stutzman, Gardner, Pearce, Burgess, Mulvaney, Huelskamp, Barton, Broun, Fleming, Labrador, Lamborn, Walsh, Westmoreland, Southerland, Massie, Duncan, Graves, Schweikert, Blackburn, Landry, Buerkle, Tim Scott, Gowdy, Joe Wilson, Guinta, Harris, Myrick, Burton, DesJarlais.

On the Fence: Akin, Bachmann, Gingrey, Adams, Chabot, King, Lummis, Herger, Pence, Pitts, Walter Jones, Price.

If I do my math right, that means unless Rep. Boehner can get some blue dogs to side with him, his backup plan will fail, forcing him back to the table with President Obama.

There were reports this morning of the vote happening for the "plan B" at 730PM Eastern time. There were also reports of Rep. Boehner whipping votes on the floor. Both of those sync with Erickson's prediction that there is a sizeable conservative opposition to Boehner's plan, and he needs time to get votes.

President Obama has threatened to veto the measure anyway, so even if it passes, it's doomed. this seems like a power play that is failing and turning into a stall tactic.

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