OK, nobody else has started it, so guess I'm gonna have to (weatherdude, please come back!). I don't have access to a lot of bandwidth through the 3G service that probably got installed out here in the boonies by mistake, so if anyone can post some graphics or links to same please do.

Now if you're in the middle of Iowa you're already quite aware that there's a blizzard goin' on. A classic arctic blast driven blizzard at that, with conditions transitioning from thundersnow to below zero wind chills and visibility within hours. Travel is a disaster... Iowa's republican state administration was too "free market" to close highways, but the trucking industry did it for them with jackknifed tractor-trailers at times blocking Iowa's Interstates at multiple pinch points. Heck, even Missouri, which got but a glancing blow from this blizzard, had the good sense to close I-29 into Iowa.

So I'll invite folks to join the conversation while I hunt up some weather and
transportation links...  

Multiple accidents blocking I-80

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