The Religious Right's preeminent, fast-talking Liar for Jesus is at it again. In his latest musing, as a guest on Glenn Beck's show on The Blaze, Barton asserts that the 2nd Amendment prohibits regulations of any kind on firearms, plus, the Bible prohibits them as well.

A full article was written by Hrafnkell Haroldsson in PoliticsUSA. http://www.politicususa.com/...

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This video shows some really juicy stuff from Mr. Barton. Beck wasn't hosting the show here. It was guest-hosted by Tim Ballard.

He actually said

In the case of the Second Amendment, the Founding Fathers didn’t call it the right to keep and bear arms the way it’s written; they called it the ‘biblical right of self defense.’ So the ultimate goal of the Second Amendment is to make sure you can defend yourself against any kind of illegal force that comes against you, whether that’s from a neighbor, whether that’s from an outsider, whether that’s from your own government. And in the case of the American revolution, if the Founding Fathers had not been able to take on that illegal British government coming in…so for them, it’s not a matter of, ‘oh you got too many bullets in your magazine.’ It’s whatever the government’s got we’ve got to have the same thing, because if they’ve got an AK47 and we’ve only got a BB gun, this is not a deterrent. So the whole purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure you have equal power with whatever comes against you illegally. So  at that point, that has gotta control the gun debate.
So there you have it. Support anything such as background checks, waiting periods, regulations on carrying capacity, not to mention outright bans on civilian ownership of certain kinds of armaments, and you'll have some 'splainin to do to your Heavenly Father on Judgment Day. The Bearded Man In the Sky isn't your only worry, though. Supporting any of these things also makes you a traitor against America, since Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, Madison, et al wanted all of us to be capable of blowing each other to bits in an instant in order to protect our freeeeeeeeeeedom.

It would be lovely to be able to safely ignore Barton as a crackpot (which he actually is). This is the leading advocate of the separation of church Texas School Board Experts Paneland state is a myth talking point. He regularly pulls fake quotes from the Founders - out of his ass - to support his thesis that they intended America to be governed according to Biblical law and to be a "Christian nation".

Problem is, this guy was recently added to the Texas School Board Experts Panel and has the Board's ear. He's regularly on Beck's show. His books, DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. are big sellers. He needs to be called out as the liar he is.

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