So the RepubliKlans are turning tail and running home.

Their Plan B has aborted any fantasy they had that, somehow, they were gonna win the Fiscal Curb/Austerity Bomb war on the peeps of the USoA.

Once again Obama has kicked their asses with their own feet. Just like he did in the summer of 2011. You know, when crybaby Boehner claimed he got 98% of what he wanted and progressives pissed themselves because they believed him.

Once again Obama's superior negotiating skills, which baffle those who mistake chess for checkers, has revealed to the world the true nature of the GOP: short-sighted, evil, predatory, beholden to the 0.01%.

In the end this was a battle b/t Obama and Boehner, and Boehner lost. Lost BIG! Lost because his own team stabbed him in the back. And all Obama had to do was consider Boehner's proposal for the GOP to reject it. Because the GOP will commit suicide rather than deal honestly with that Black guy in their White House.

Perhaps Boehner should just change his name to Flaccid. Or Limp. Or just ED. Cause there's no denying he's spent, drained, and impotent. Run along on home, crybaby. Here's a hint - stay there.

Meanwhile, back at the White House:

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