Jennifer Rubin. That innocent crusader of the Romney Campaign. Down in the foxhole with Peggy Noonan and Dick Morris (who, sidenote, is literally the top result for a Google search for "always wrong about polling predictions").

Jennifer Rubin, a beatified saint of the right. Suffered for her faith and worked miracles of mendacity that are acknowledged by all.

But the religious have other traditions besides sainthood, of course. They have confessionals. And they have triptychs -- three part passion plays on canvas or wood panels, that tell a story and evoke a mood. Not coincidentally (okay, entirely coincidentally), three paragraphs, three panels, is the "fair use" limit of quoting a piece of journalism. So what is Saint Rubin's triptych tonight? What are her confessions?

The outcome stunned House leadership: In one vote (or nonvote), the all-or-nothing crowd handed the high ground back to the president, who can now rightly claim that House Republicans would rather raise everyone’s taxes than raise them on millionaires.
This sort of display suggests Republicans are not capable of governing. What was an argument by Democrats (They are unreasonable! They only care for the rich!) is now a political reality.
What we do know is that House Republicans may have confirmed the good judgment of the American people in keeping divided government. Goodness knows none of these people can be trusted.

(Source: Washington Post - Right Turn)

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