Jimmy is my friend. He has more heart than brains. The kind of person that Jesus guy would shower with lots of Love.

He stopped by to see if I had enough heat to endure the cold desert in Winter. Yet, he was crying. I asked him, "Why the tears, sweet friend?"

What a tale he told. Jimmy has been a janitor all his life. He takes pride in his job. If you ever find yourself in a bathroom that is immaculate, that would be a Jimmy you would thank.

His long time boss handed him an envelope, gave him a hug and told him, "Merry Christmas!" In the envelope was 25 $100 dollar bills.

"That's great and very generous of him, Jimmy. So, why all the tears?" I asked.

"I've never had so much money at one time and I'm scared," he blubbered.

I thought to myself, that makes sense. Poor people do have a tendency to get overwhelmed with anything over a few dollars stuck into a can and buried for safe keeping.

"Nothing to be scared of Jimmy. Sounds like your boss has a big heart. What ya gonna do with all that new wealth?"

Drying his tears he said, "I don't know. I ain't got a bank account."

Something told me that Jimmy's boss knew he didn't make enough to really have a checking account, so I assumed that is why his gift to Jimmy was in cash.

"Tell ya what, Jimmy," I said. "Why don't you get yourself some new clothes and maybe a TV to replace the one you found in the dumpster?"

He looked at me and gave out a final sob, then said, "I could use some new clothes. I look terrible in my church clothes. They really look bad, even though I keep them clean. One of my pants legs on my suit is shorter than the other."

"Don't forget to keep at least two of those bills in your can for a rainy day," I said as he was leaving.

Something tells me Jimmy will be going to church in a new suit and shoes this Christmas Eve and go home to watch his favorite shows on a TV without the squiggles. I'll bet he put two of those bills in his can and knowing Jimmy, I bet the rest is given to the homeless shelter.

He's like that, ol' Jimmy. A man of simplicity and heart. BTW, I found a $20 bill on my table after he left.

His crying was contagious.

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