What matters most is our love, pure and simple.  Love of family, friends, love of justice, of protecting those who are frail, love of pursuing that which we know is best for all in our nation.

What matters most is that we never give up, on friends, family, justice, protecting the frail, that we never stop pursuing our ideals for this nation.

What matters most is that we work together as best we can to achieve that which we know is just, that which we know will create a better place for our children and the children of our children.

What matters most is how much we all do care, and even when we disagree we do so because of our desire to create change, just sometimes how that change is achieved becomes a stone in our path.

What mattes most is that we remember that what we do now will and can change the future, of that I am certain.  I am also certain that DK has changed politics in a positive way, what matters most is that we will continue to facilitate change and work together for a better tomorrow.

Thank you to this community, what matters most is that you are always here when days are dark, when there is joy to be shared and when one just needs a place to come with like minded souls.


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