Today, the NRA issued a public statement that makes David Icke look sane, sensible and with a wise plan for a better future. Do click on that link and come back, you'll understand my meaning.

What is more offensive, is this statement:

A dozen more killers, a hundred more? How can we possibly even guess how many, given our nation's refusal to create an active national database of the mentally ill?
A registry for the mentally ill! The bigotry against mental illness is palpable. They are utterly mad. Their answer to gun violence is more gun violence! The house is burning, and their plan is a bucket brigade from the local gas station. They wish to militarize schools, turning teachers into soldiers - and students into civilian casualties. That a national organization, short of the Klan, can utter this hateful nonsense is astounding.

I encourage every able reader of this missive to make their disapprobation known. Further stigmatizing the mentally is not the answer, nor is turning schools into combat zones.

This press conference has already harmed Americans by further discouraging the mentally ill from pursuing treatment. Can you imagine? They've branded every mentally ill person(myself included, I have difficulties with depression for which I take medication) a potential assassin. Would you want to be branded with that image? No one does. Many would rather suffer than pursue treatment. A registry of the mentally ill would, by its very nature, register only those who are pursuing treatment. These are not the ones who are even a concern. Such a registry would push people away from seeking treatment, for fear of being marked as pariahs.    

The NRA has become a satire of itself. On this day, they issued A Modest Proposal to all of America. We well know what the truth of such proposals is.

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