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About the NRA's more guns, not less philosphy:

This point is not totally without merit.  But let's say these teachers DID have guns.  At best, maybe only six or seven children would have been killed.  But stronger gun laws et al could result in NO children being killed in situations like these.  No gun law can stop all gun violence, but it can stop SOME.  Isn't that the better outcome?  

We don't want to demonize the millions of gun owners in this country who use their guns legally and carefully and who DON'T go around killing people.  America does is supposed to stand for freedom of keeping government out of your life until you've done something wrong after all.  So perhaps it's time to ask:  How many dead children we be willing to tolerate in the name of this freedom?  How many dead children should we consider acceptable sacrifices on the altar of the 2nd Amendment?  Is their any amount too high?  

Perhaps someone should ask the NRA.  That way America will stop bitching and go home and you've never hear from them again - at least until quota is met.

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