Here's what REALLY happened on 12-21-12:

You know what it's like when you have ridden a bicycle your whole life and somebody hands you the keys to a powerful motorcycle? And you're scared of the POWER? Most people say "No, I can't drive that. I'm scared that I'll have an accident!" and they try to hand the keys back, but it's TOO LATE; the bicycle is GONE and we HAVE to learn to deal with increased power. It's not easy; at first, we're freaked out, because we try to drive the thing with our hands instead of with our heart. And that is the simple secret; when in ANY kind of doubt or fear, bring your consciousness to your heart center; all the doubts will fall away. The old world is gone, the new world is here, DEAL WITH IT! Oh, there are many who doubt, but it doesn't matter; kicking and screaming or dancing and singing, It's your choice how you go, but as far as entering the new consciousness or not, we have no choice; it's HERE NOW, and the new game is to accept our power, to accept that like it or not we can't deny the fact that it's a whole new "ball game". Oh, and have fun with your new vehicle; oh, the places you'll go, oh, the places we'll ALL go!!!

More later.



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