In my 2 years of heavily observing the media in order to write "Is America Stupid?" I have finally watched the most pathetic show ever, Sunday's "Meet the Press."  It had everything that is often wrong with it... wrong with it. David Gregory was pathetic- Wayne LaPierre easily fought him to a draw. Lindsay Graham was as shifty as ever, Charles Schumer was useless, and the panel was pathetic. La Pierre says that the only thing that would have stopped the tragedy was a policeman w/ a gun. The only thing? What about the kid not having a gun (an arsenal)? LaPierre says  Americans love freedom and have the right to have guns (save for  criminals and the mentally ill. Yeah, they're so easy to pick out). Let's get this somewhat straight. The NRA has created this problem and he wants cash-strapped America to pay for it by arming every school. And then every church, mall, movie theater, etc. And soon it will be 2 cops at every school, church, mall, theater, etc. But the most pathetic act of all is when Gregory and the others allow the conversation to go to mental health. Are we going to target everyone who seems a bit aloof, strange, depressed, angry? Don't these professional broadcasters even have an inking of how much more difficult a task that is than not making it less simple for a gun to set off their imagination by being so easy to obtain, or in the Sandy Hook case, by being right in front of the troubled person's eyes? Most of us are all for improving mental health treatment- and now we're hearing it from Gun Advocates when probably 90% of them were against Obamacare? This is bizarre. But they want to move the argument away from guns... and people like Gregory and Chuck Todd are surely going to let them.

If you are willing to read just a single chapter of "Is America Stupid?" read the Guns chapter. You can download it from the Website. I lowered it to $.99 right after this happened, just so, perhaps this time, it won't be a one week news cycle and that people realize that it's all about money. The NRA is a front for the gun industry. Nothing more, nothing less. Imagine, we're going to have a police officer in every school and the idea of that belongs to Wayne LaPierre. Thanks, Mr. LaPierre. Thanks for the idea. We're very grateful to you.

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