Thanks! You have no idea what that means to me... Who did this? And why would you? I'm just a small time user. I'm honestly very surprised.

I'm a poor student, I rarely spend money, even for Christmas. So I'm taken aback by the generosity of the person who put so much money so that I could get a subscription. You know nothing about me, and yet you are so generous. Amazing.  Thanks again for the Christmas gift (I just found out 10 minutes ago, so I'll call it that). I am very grateful.


So it's CassandraCarolina. Please show her some praise, not me, this diary isn't exactly worth recommending!

But, for me, 40 dollars a lot to spend. I don't spend that much money without really thinking about it. So for Cassandra to think Im worth it, it's an honor, Ma'am!

I really feel like Im part of the community now, I really appreciate all the love just before Christmas!

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