It's that time of year again; the celebration of a gift rendered without expectations, a love proffered without condition. A time when we look around and count our blessings in a way that we don't normally do at any other time of year.

A time when we wish for Peace on Earth perhaps more fervently than at any other time of year; a time when we pray a little harder for the safety and well being of our loved ones and strangers.

A time for celebrating family in all its iterations; for peace in all of our everyday acts, When we hope against hope that all children have at their disposal the unconditional love that Jesus has given us. It is the unconditional love that we have received from God; we did nothing to deserve it, it is ours to give away.

We venerate Mary and Joseph in their ability to do his Will, in the face of doubt they said "yes";  they are the archetypal parents, much like us today, they had no blueprint, no owners manual but they powered on trusting in their faith, a faith we share today.

We should pray that we would feel this joy as strongly in the middle of July as we celebrate it in December. That our desire for peace be as ardent in September as it is today.

My prayer at this time of year is that I should feel this joy every day of the year.

It is not just a birthday that we celebrate on the 25th of December; it is The Birth Day, the day we all come alive in His Name.

Merry Christmas,  

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