DC legislators had better not be smirking this week.  Too many are suffering at their hands...

The nation is in crisis, and American families hold their breath, while Republican legislators vacation.  American families should know whether they will need to find another few thousand dollars each in their already-strapped budgets, and they should know why this is so.  

Of course, spending reductions this Christmas have already had their impact on seasonal businesses that rely on Christmas spending.  Still, the damage being done, why persist with it?

America needs to see what their legislators are doing for the New Year instead of working on solving the problems they, themselves, created.  It is my hope that everyone with a cellphone near a legislator who is wining, dining or just plain having fun this week captures and publishes the images of sloth and abuse.

Every smirk, every dinner, every high-value glass of wine needs to be recorded so American can see how they fiddled while the middle class burned.

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