Greetings and best wishes to everyone for enjoyable and safe holiday gatherings! Speaking of gatherings, we've got one we'd like to invite you to on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at Margarita's Mexican Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We'll eat, meet and greet from 1 to 4pm.

Now this has been one of the biggest regular gatherings of Kossacks in the last few years and we'd love to keep it that way. "Why this restaurant and this town?" some have asked. Well, except for a glitch in service last October, this restaurant has been a great host for our big group (big as in thirty to forty people big). I would not be surprised if our meet-ups there figure into the location's yearly projections. As for the town, it's been proven time and again that Portsmouth is a middle ground for folks from as far away as the South Shore in Massachusetts and folks as far north/east as Augusta, Maine. While we may experiment with other cities and locations in the future, right now let's stick with what we know works. I realize that Portsmouth is a tremendous challenge for Kossacks who live in the western part of the region, and perhaps someone in Western New Hampshire or Vermont would be willing to help me coordinate a meetup closer to you in the future.  Besides, I have been building a relationship with the management and they are not only expecting us, they have assured us they will be prepared.

Speaking of the management at Margarita's, in order to help them help us we're going to need folks to start sending their RSVP's. We'll need to tell them exactly a week before how many are coming, so please pull out your calendars. Help me make this an exciting day!

RSVPs may be sent to terunharris AT yahoo DOT com, which I have dedicated specifically for meet-up business. While I'd love it if you RSVP right here in the diary, it is so important to send it also to that email address so that I can create a database to help keep you informed via email, and create a space for sharing details, directions and concerns.  Let's break 40 in February and show our New England Daily Kos spirit.

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