The first thing you should know about me is I am a commie-pinko.  Whatever vision of me that brings to the forefront of your brain is probably wrong.  I'm not about Nanny.  I hate helmet laws, check-lanes and bicycles on roads meant for cars. I regularly drop f-bombs or tell off-color jokes. I don't want us all to get lazy and suckle off the tit of Mother Amerikka. I love rare steaks and cheap beer.  

I do want people to be in Power over their labor, and not systematically drained by the ever-increasing reserves of the Uber-wealthy.

I am for high taxes.  Sky-high even.  I see it as a collective pool where we throw in together and make the world better for all of us.  Education, health care, roads, mass transit... all things we pay out the ass for singly should be available for free to all of us.  Sure, we keep less, but we spend way the hell less.  And get more bang for our buck.

You see, educated, well fed, healthy people are more productive, not less... especially if they are valued and see actual betterment of their lives for working hard, rather than the same crappy pay as their owners get richer.  Or see their jobs go overseas, while the rich make record profits.

I'm for separation of church and state.  I think gays should be allowed to marry. I think that profiling is racist.  I think Wall Street should be shut down, usury made illegal and the Fed should be Nationalized; if not the whole banking industry.  I think Energy should be Nationalized too, fossil fuels shit-canned and the environment saved.

I am pretty much everything the hard-core Right hates. (Despite the fact if I had my way, they would all be doing much, much better)

I am also a gun owner and an absolute advocate for the right to own arms.

So, right now?  The Left hates me too.  And the Left can be every bit as knee-jerking judgmental and reactionary as the Right.  Trust me on this. My problem is I am a free thinker, which means I make up my own mind based on evidence - not either side's cherry picked data.

So, a liberaloid told me I should be the NRA's next "spokeswoman babe."   She meant it as her worst insult.  I saw it as job opportunity.  Or a joke.  Or something I had to write about and explain.


I listened to the NRA's LaPierre.  I didn't agree with his take, but I believed he believed what he was saying.  The reports from the left screamed, "Gun freak! He wants a rocket launcher on every hip!" - while the Right yelled, "The commies are coming t take our guns away."

Gunmen in every school, while they are privatizing schools?   Its utter crap.  My child will not live in a prison due to imaginary demons, nor will I support the Police State that has seen cops taze kindergarteners for having an ordinary 5 yr old tantrum.  No, NRA, no.

In the meantime?  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, folks.  You are both wrong. Obama is a corporate whore, just like your idols.  He has bombed more than Bush, opened 8 more theaters of war, and is sucking the cock of Wall Street with Palin fervor.  He won't take away your guns.

And Liberals?  Lets see.  The war on drugs has done absolutely nothing to decrease the availability of drugs on the street.  All it has done is put more small-time entrepreneurs in jail.  Usually Blacks, because the Judges are racist, but a fair share of white-bread home time boys like you, Righties.  I could still score anything I wanted in an hour in Podunk suburbia.  So, what makes you think the bad guys would have less guns if we passed harder laws, Lefties?  Did Ollie North teach you nothing, or the whole Mexican Border Fast and Furious scandal?  Reagan, Obama, it doesn't matter.  What matters to THEM is money.  And guns are money.

They will never come door to door in suburbia and take your guns.   And gun laws don't do jack shit.

I am for waiting periods and background checks.

Those at least stop crimes of passion, and make it harder for the insane to get a gun.  If you're that nuts, usually even a street dealer won't touch you.  But right now, all this hoopla about "assault" weapons is bunk.  Even soldiers usually use semi-automatics, and the perp in the Sandy Hook shooting did not use an assault fully auto weapon.

Its about the fears, stupid!

I get that we need national mourning now and then.  We also need national rage.  It is the vent they hope for, conveniently releasing all the frustration that builds up for all of us, left and right, as our quality of life and income falls off a cliff not of our own making... and not a fake cliff like the fiscal one.  We can't make our bills.  Our jobs are at risk.  We worry.  Work more.  Sleep less.  What better way than to redirect our anger and sadness than to focus on an isolated incident and make us fight one another?

Your child is more likely to be hit by lightening at school than be shot by a madman, lefties.

Ummm, every fucker at Fort Hood was trained and armed, righties.

The worst school disaster was in 1927 from a bomb.

Gonna outlaw fertilizer?

You may argue about efficiency, speed, whatever of gun's killing ability.... you ALL refuse to address what causes sickness socially, or the abyss of available treatment programs in the US. The right wants more war budget and less help, the left wants to treat every criminal like he's a lost puppy.  I live in reality.  Treatment should be free, and assholes should go to jail.

While we are arguing about what might kill our babies next?  ONE in FOUR lives in poverty, and ONE citizen dies every 12 minutes from lack of health care.

In the meantime?  I was told I have blood on my hand as a gun owner for what happened in Connecticut.  I was told by so called "feminists" that despite my saying "a gun saved me from rape" that it would have been better for me to be  noble corpse than a live gun owner, every single aspect of my story was questioned to the point I felt re-raped.  I couldn't use mace, hadn't been invented yet, and besides that would live in my purse, not my bedroom.  Knives are good, but he didn't give me time to go to the kitchen.... surely, surely, the women judging me shrilled, "There must have been a better way!"  I should have done anything but what I did, right up to them saying I would have been more moral dead than alive.

I was 22 at the time.  I didn't think about their approval.  I kicked ass and won. I almost believe the other rape-survivors resent me for having not endured what they did.  Not being a victim.  Because, you know, guns are "wrong."  Screw that.

Hand guns are made to kill people!  Yes.  They are.  And as long as the bad guys have them, I will.  As long as the government has them (and more) - I will.  You can tell me that if the government started oppressing us with force, we would not have a chance.  That may be true.  But are you going to get on the train without a fight, or are you going to take some of the fuckers with you?  Ultimately the police of the Elites are our brothers and sisters.  How long will they kill their own so the rich can get richer?

I was cussed at.  I was cursed.  I was used as a bad example.  I was demonized.

I decided to finally vent my rape history for once and for all, in order to shut up my criticizers.

My 1st attempted rape: At 14 with a friend and our horses in a broad daylight in a very public park. Also the 1st time my then very Catholic little self saw a penis. He had a knife. I broke a pepsi bottle against a rock and told him "You will kill me, but you will bleed 1st" and held it against his throat as the knife was against mine. He backed off and ran away. Not reported... for fear of stigma, parental disapproval and being Catholic.

2nd: Cross country skiing on a ski trail at 16. Naked man in the freezing weather held us at gunpoint while he jacked off on my friend and I. I kept him from touching us with my ski-pole... but he wanted to get off, not kill us. Not reported.

3rd - the GUN EPISDE: Home invasion. Out in the country, dozed in front of the TV, a man came in, started choking me and telling me how he was going to kill me and get off while the life left my eyes.  I was about 22.

I started begging him to let me get a condom, told him I would blow him f he didn't kill me. I pleaded, lied, anything to let e get to the gun.  He threw me into the bedroom, where my head split open on the dresser, he laughing maniacally. I pulled out Mike's gun and said, "I've got protection now mother fucker." He lunged toward me and I shot (intentionally) the floor by his feet and drew on his forehead. That stopped him. He said, "OMG, you're crazy." I walked right up to him and put the hot barrel against his head and backed him out the door and locked it.

I then called the police who argued about whose jourisdiction it was and it took them 45 minutes to get there. I was terrified the entire time. Then they screamed at me for not killing him or holding him hostage at gunpoint, and told me it was my fault that he would rape again. I was 22. A taser would not have kept him down 20 minutes. A knife he could have taken from me. A bullet is far faster than a knife, btw.

I reported it, but they laughed and said, there would be no report, because I wasn't actually raped and I was such an idiot I let the bad guy get away. Then they left. They didn't even call out what kind of car it was (I looked and told them) or look for him. They told me I wasted their time.

All of my rapists were white men aged 30-45

They tell me that a woman is more likely to be killed by a gun in the home than saved by one.

I counter... when my husband moved in with me I did not want his gun in my house.  He took me to the range, where it ended up I was a natural.  I shot until the gun was an extension of my hand.  I shot until I had no fear.  Perhaps?  If more women were trained in the use of guns, did not freeze and let their abusers snatch them from them?  That statistic would change.  As it is?  Very few women shoot.

I saved my life, or at least my penetration with repectively - a broken bottle, a ski pole and a gun.

I own a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle.  The rifle is for hunting.  The shotgun is because most thieves will leave when they hear it rack.  The handgun is to kill someone before they kill me.

Amazingly?  The left scoffs at the right for wanting to "save" fetuses.  The right never cares about the poverty or suffering of an unwanted or unsustainable life of a baby after its born, as long as its born.  Yet, the left thinks it can save babies by banning guns.  In Switzerland they have twice as many guns per capita as the US. But no gun crime.

Can we all wake the fuck up here and address the real problem?

The very, very rich are fucking us - taking our jobs, paying us less,, making record profits.  Letting us blame one another rather than them.  Letting us vent our misery and misdirect from the overall war being waged upon us.  Pacifism has become, as Ward Churchil said, a pathology in the US - we are such sheep that we refuse to fight back.

I am an enigma.  

I get it.

I want humans to quit being violent, for every baby to matter as much as another baby; be it shot in  our schools, or droned by our politicians.

I believe that the tools - from genocide by machete in Rwanda to car bombs to gun assaults are symptomatic of a society in which everyone is scared, and no one is valued - are not the problem.  Where we are taught distrust of other and isolation is good.  The problem is making us not assaulted by 1% of the population. The tools are not the problem, the fact that we let them divide us while they rape us is.  Period.

I am pragmatic.  I am tenacious.  I am not only a survivor, I thrive.

The old saying is, "Never bring a knife to a gun fight."  Duh.

I live in an insane world, and taking my protection away won't magically make it a SANE world. It will only make me a more likely victim.

Fuck your ideology, what part of that don't you get?  I have a handgun, and they are meant to kill people and I will kill anyone that tries to kill me, or my kid.  

Fight the system.  Treat the crazy.

But the NRA is right.  Taking away my protection only lets the bad guys win.

You will take my gun from my cold dead hands.

So, there it is...

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