And for many always have been.

The Veterans Administration is the Peoples Responsibility, period!!!

Look, this is very very simple. If the flag wavin 'patriots' of the
'support the troops' meme's, cheap magnetic ribbons and equally cheap lapel flag pins, Demanded they Sacrifice as they cheer on wars and send others into so they can yell their 'patriotism' and have a few parades with plenty of short time 'welcome
home' the VA would have been the Agency it should have been decades ago.
And this past decade plus was the perfect example, DeJa-Vu all over again. Not a Dime has been Sacrificed for these two more wars of choice, you all cheered on the abandoning the main missions for even sending the military into that region, quickly, with the first drum beats pointed at Iraq, and extremely little was done for the Veterans of in the early years as the tax cuts came with both till the 110th and 111th Congresses, 112th, House especially, is back to trying to cut as it will in the coming 113th, and especially after the executive administrations changed, despite the obstruction. The present VA Administration has been fighting, while still way under funded and these last years obstructed by those that want to privatize it, to build what should already have been built by the people served long ago. They've done so, with some success thankfully, because there's finally an executive administration and it's cabinet who care and help by 'joining forces'

That underfunding, and ignoring the veterans of, you're even doing that
again, causes the agency to need more funding, in many area's of that vast agency and charged with caring for those who served, to catch up with the
abilities they should have had long ago if not leading in and moving
that into the private sectors. That extra is many many times more then
just costs, time and money, of maintaining and innovating what should have already been, which saves money and runs much more orderly and up to date if not ahead of!

Veterans frustrated by VA disability claims backlog
December 27, 2012 - Infantryman Josh Odom was seven months into his first tour in Iraq when someone lobbed a grenade over the gate at the combat outpost he guarded.

It exploded six feet from the Rockwall native, driving three chunks of shrapnel deep into his right shoulder. One pierced his lung.

Odom wound up at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where he spent four months in rehab before completing his military service in May 2010.

Still suffering neck and shoulder pain, he filed a disability claim at a Veterans Affairs Department office in Dallas.

He expected the claim to take a while, he said, but not the nearly 18 months he waited for a partial decision, then eight more for a final ruling.

While he waited, lingering pain combined with frequent consultations with doctors for surgeries made it difficult to work. read more>>>

For Veterans, The Wait For Disability Claims Grows Longer
Listen to report Here

December 27, 2012 - Kevin English served three tours as a Marine in Iraq. When he came home to Arizona, he suffered from vicious headaches and neck pain that made it hard to keep a job. The worst day, he says, was when he found he couldn't lift a simple aluminum ladder.

"I actually got made fun of ... cause everyone knew I was a Marine," English says. "And they could tell I was struggling. They were, like, 'Damn, I thought you were supposed to be a Marine. Let's go.'"

The Department of Veterans Affairs had rated English as partially disabled, but the former Marine soon found working impossible. His wife, Lindsay Dove, helped him file a new claim in February 2011. Then they waited. And waited. read more>>>

By the way, you also haven't paid a dime, rubber stamped no bid contracts and all borrowed costs to this day, for either war. Deficits rapidly rising with
the rubber stamping started Before 9/11, told to go shopping by the previous CiC tax, along with the extremely rapid rising, thus huge profits, of the oil and gas prices, cuts came with both!!

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