I haven't been following Daily Kos for awhile.  My absence has nothing to do with site quality, which I can see from my occasional visits is as high as ever, but rather due to life demands of work and raising kids. One thing I miss though, other than the trenchant political and social commentary, is news on how everything is going. So, can anyone fill me in on the following.  Over the past two years:

1. Have there been any big "pie fights"?

2. Have there been any prominent GBCWs?

3. Are there any new DK superstars?

4. Have any of the beloved contributors gone off the deep end?

5.  Anything else of note happening?

Let me know in comments!

[update]. Another reason I've been inactive is I actually find this site hard to use on an iPad.  Any news on whether we can expect a killer Daily Kos iPad app?


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