I am increasingly confused by the Democratic need to fundraise right after an election.  I do understand that some people finished having spent more than they had (e.g., Elizabeth Warren who I supported a lot this year) but why is the Obama campaign, the DCCC, and other such groups sending me pleading emails for more dough?  I gave them a lot of money to win this election and for the most part, they did well.  

I understand them using the fundraising infrastructure to make policy pitches, but what can they use campaign funds for right now?  If they are already expecting me to pony up for 2014, that is utterly ridiculous.  As it stands I am getting kind of annoyed at their unceasing needs for my cash and their emotionally manipulative e-mails about it.  

I am of relatively modest means, with a good local government job, definitely not wealthy, and during the 2012 campaign season I really gave till it hurt - I am done now.  I try to "tithe" mostly to charities, not political groups, and I also need some money of my own to do regular things like pay my bills and send my son to college.  Can't they every lay off? And why is the fundraising continuing at this high of a pitch?  

Comments are welcome as I am not being rhetorical here - I am assuming there is something I don't understand, being fairly new at the election organization and participation game.  And using this "diary" format is probably a stupid way to ask this question but I am not that familiar with this site - I mostly used it to get the election daily update emails and to help me send dollars to candidates.

2:14 PM PT: Update: Wow, thanks for all these thoughts! I need to start hanging out here more often.

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