So, as a sometime writer of erotica, I've noticed some trends in pornography written by the ignorant.

General biological assumptions, romance novel conventions, and flat out misinformation happen all the time, but what I find most interesting is that how these errors have managed to find their way into the Republican party platform!

Yep, that's right, it's clear that the party which is against pornography due their moral stance, actually gets most of their scientific information from it.

(Examples on the Flip)

Let's start with Pregnancy.   In some porn stories, particularly those with a "Romantic" bent, it's announced that the woman has become pregnant because (Usually during the event) her egg has become fertilized.  This is of course, not true... considering that the absolute shortest time frame is half an hour from ejaculation to fertilization.  Of course that is the point at which both the stories and Republicans claim that the miracle of life has occurred.  

No, sorry romantics and Republicans...  That takes about another week.  Which is why the morning after pill is not an abortion pill.    Much as the idea is a turn on to some, one screw does not a permanent biological and emotional lock make.

Another one they often seem to get wrong is virginity.  We don't even need to go into the incorrect biological assumptions perpetuated by romance novels, but even the concept of virginity is gotten wrong by Republicans.  Yeah, as it turns out, those who make the public pledges of virginity are MORE likely to get an STD, or wind up pregnant.  This only makes sense if you live in male porn fantasyland where nobody ever gets pregnant.  I guess that the Republicans have varied taste in their erotica if you accept their stance on sex education.

And finally, the idea that women don't want to control their own lives.  This one is frankly puzzling to me.  I suppose that with the recent popularity of submissive BDSM porn the Republicans have been busy marketing their ideas.  Don't get me wrong.  Nothing wrong with the fantasy for those that are into it.  However, when you set legislation for everyone based off of a very small subset's taste...

So, look guys, I know you think this is icky.  I know you think that it's the 'libruls who are obsessed with sex.  But when your every assumption is tinged with colors of porno...  it makes us wonder if once again you haven't climbed about the Hypocrisy train to charlatanville.

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